About Us
Samirika Exports is a pioneer manufaturer and exporter of Builder's Hardware, Fasteners, Art Ware, Decor Ware in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium from India. It started off with merger capacity in 1992 but with continual growth and progress, the company today is very well sufficient to provide any volume of commodity. We have three manufacturing Units in NCR and 350 workmen are engaged in production activities.

The company enjoys a strong customer network across the globe and has maintained a very cordial relation with all. It seeks to meet their changing neds by anlyzing recent customer and feedbacks, and thereafter revising its methodologies and policies to ensure the utmost client satisfaction.

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Know the Chairman
chairman of samirika exportsSamir Aggarwal, the Chairman of Samirika Exports, founded the company in 1992. He comes from a modest close knit family giving utmost importance to personal integrity. He completed his Graduation in Law but decided to become a businessman by profession.

His strong vision for the company, well complemented by his dedicated efforts propelled the company to success soon after its inception. Today, Samirika Exports boasts an enviable customer base from across the globe and a strong high-tech infrastructure capable for meeting any volume of a commodity.

Samir Aggarwal has laid clear objectives for the company. Customer satisfaction and Quality products being at the forefront of this initiative. He aims to instill a feeling of independence among his employees and workforce, and values every individual's opinion/feedback.

He believes in healthy competition and understands the necessity to be aggressive to combat this competition in the market.

In this rapidly changing albeit challenging business environment, Samir Aggarwal has recognized the importance of change and is therefore dedicated to introducing newer technologies to launch newer products to reach out a wider customer base.

Samir Aggarwal sees an aspiring entrepreneur in his son Sahil Aggarwal, who is a qualified Engineer from University of Warwick (UK) and has also completed a Master's in Business Management from the London School of Economics. Sahil Aggarwal is a young and energetic person with a broad vision. He looks up to his father for inspiration. He has very recently decided to join hands with his father and wishes to emulate his success in the coming years and ensure that the company excels to be the leader in this field.